Themed Classes

  • 90's Boost with Gwen!

    Are you ready to blast to the past?! Come join Gwen for a themed boost because she’s about to Pump up the Jams to some of your fav 90s hits!! Get ready for some of the funkiest boost classes yet, it’s Gonna Make You Sweat!

  • #FreeBritney themed BOOST class!

    This Boost class is far from Toxic and you will be saying Gimme More as you get Stronger in this #FreeBritney themed class. Come Work Bit** and get Crazy because you're Lucky and snagged a spot for one of the coveted times!

  • T-Swift Takeover Power Hour!

    Come join all the Swifties with a Taylor Takeover in our signature Power Hour pilates class. The Shake It Off is going to make you feel 22 again with those 100's! It's beyond your Wildest Dreams and You'll Need To Calm Down with all the excitement as you rock out with Taylor all of class. Are you...

  • Britney vs. Beyonce: THEMED Happy HALF Hour

    Happy Half Hour is a slightly abbreviated version of our classic Happy Hour class.
    It packs all the fun and energy of a regular hour-long class into 35 minutes. (30 min. of dancing ending with a 5 min. stretch to cool down.)
    Makes for the perfect lunch break or mid-day opportunity to get your bod...

  • Decades with DDF: THEMED Happy Half Hour